Get to know our business in a series of videos featuring our management team members!

A New Era of Football: 👉 FMA Talks – Our focus is to bring an innovative approach to enhance AFC competitions in 2021. Stay tuned!

Operations: Our philosophy – expertise with humility. In order to reimagine how Asian football is brought to fans regionally, Simon Calder explains how our experts at FMA are working to bring a distinct local focus to how competitions are operated and delivered.

AFC Champions League: As one of the most established and richly entertaining competitions in Asia, the AFC Champions League is expanding to forty clubs for even more action packed games and adrenaline-fueled excitement.

AFC Competitions: After various postponements and cancellations, 2021 will be the year for brands to reconnect with fans of AFC competitions.

An Exciting First Cycle: Intense matches. Iconic stadiums. Interest and excitement at its peak. Just in the first cycle, over 1,600 AFC matches will be played.

Activating Across Asia: AFC competitions are played across a massive geographic area. Listen to what our executives had to say about delivering competitions and managing diversity in Asia.

Our Team: We continue to grow fast and are proud of our diverse expertise, which allows us to challenge the status quo and introduce innovations that will benefit commercial partners and fans alike.

A New Era of Asian Football: We embrace change and drive innovation with one goal in mind: to transform how Asian football is organised, enjoyed and commercialised.

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